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Mom always said "don't play with your food", we disagree!


(All breakfasts are served with a bloody mary if you purchase one!)

(Choice of house potatoes, hash browns or Minnesconsin tots & toast. Have your potatoes cheesyfied for $1.50) 

FIVE CHEESE VEGGIE Five cheese blend portabella shrooms, tomatoes & greens 8.99

MILE HIGH DENVER Specialty ham, lots of cheddar with onions & bell peppers 8.99

TWISTED MILE HIGH Ham, hickory bacon, cheddar, onions, peppers & shrooms 10.99

SAUSAGE-N-SHROOM Spicy maple sausage, portabellas & our 4 cheese blend 8.99

TWISTED HAM MAC-N-CHEESE Ham & cheddar inside, creamy made mac-n-cheese on top 10.99

SMOKED SALMON CLUB Smoked salmon, basil pesto, bacon, tomato, & hollandaise 12.99


BREAKFAST BOMB Giant tortilla, cheesy scrambled eggs, house sausage, hickory bacon, hash browns, onion, tomato, pepper, & chipotle hollandaise $9.99

RANCHER & QUESO HASH Red, white & blue fried corn tortilla’s with corned beef hash,queso pepper cheese & fried eggs with choice of potato 10.99

BREAKFAST SAMPLER 2 Eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, cheesy hash browns, Minnesconsin tots, toast or all you can eat sweet cream, griddle cakes $10.99

WYATT’S BREAKFAST PLATTER Two eggs, bacon, sausage or ham, choice of potatoes & toast 8.99

BISCUITS & GRAVY Two eggs, bacon, sausage or ham with hot garlic herb buttered biscuits  with cheddar, house maple sausage gravy & potatoes 9.99

STEAK N EGGS BREAKFAST Two eggs, stout marinated steak bites, potatoes & toast 11.99

BREAKFAST TACOS Warm tortillas, cheddar scrambled eggs, bacon, house made salsa, pickled jalapeno’s & choice of potatoes 9.99

BREAKFAST SANDWICH Two eggs, American cheese, hickory bacon, house maple sausage, ham on French toast with maple syrup & potato choice 9.99

BACON BENEDICT Warm biscuits covered with over easy eggs, jalapeno bacon with lot’s chipotle hollandaise & choice of potatoes 10.99

SCRAMBLERS Choice of potato mixed with scrambled eggs, lots of cheddar & choice of sweet ham, hickory bacon or house maple sausage & toast 8.99

PASTRAMI HASH BOWL Shaved pastrami over hash with peppers & onions, two over easy eggs & toast 8.99


SWEET CREAM GRIDDLE CAKES Sweet cream, chocolate chip or blueberry all you can eat 6.99

CRISPY VANILLA FRENCH TOAST Dipped in our vanilla spiced custard & fried crispy 6.99

CARAMEL APPLE FRENCH TOAST Crispy fried, covered in apple pie compote & drizzled with caramel 8.99

DONUT HOLE BASKET Warm cinnamon sugared 12 pack 4.99

SAUSAGE WAFFLE POPS House sausage dipped in maple waffle batter & fried crispy 6.99

PEACH OATMEAL PIE Warm oatmeal, peach compote and a crispy crumb topping 7.99

Kids & Seniors 

KIDS & SENIORS PLATTER One egg, two bacon or sausage & toast or pancake 3.99

KIDS & SENIORS SWEETS French toast, sweet cream, chocolate chip or blueberry cakes 2.99


(All burgers are served with endless dusted fries, bbq chips or ranch slaw.)

Classic Burgers  (Combinations you know & love!)

JEFFERSON PLANE JANE (CL-1) Almost naked but not quite, ketchup, mustard, & pickles 7.49

CALIFORNIA (CL-2) Lettuce, tomato, red onion & mayo 8.49

AMERICANA CHEESE BURGER (CL-3) Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle with American, Swiss or pepper jack 8.99

BACON-N-CHEDDAR (CL-4) Thick cut smoky bacon & melted cheddar 10.99

PATTY MELT (CL-5) Caramelized onions, Swiss, house dressing on caraway rye 9.99

SHROOM-N-SWISS (CL-6)Balsamic-garlic braised crimini mushrooms & Swiss 9.99

 Big Stack Burgers  (1/4 # patties stacked as high as you can handle!)

 SIMPLE STACK  (BS-1) A big slather of our house burger sauce & pickles  S6.49  /   D7.49  /  T8.49

CALIFORNIA STACK  (BS-2)  Lettuce, tomato, red onion & burger sauce S7.49  /  D8.49  /  T9.49

AMERICANA CHEESE STACK  (BS-3)  Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle with American, Swiss or pepper jack & burger sauce S7.99  /  D9.49  /  T10.99

(Additional burgers patties $.99  - Additional burger patties with cheese $1.49)

 Smoked Burgers  (Wyatts seasoned & hickory smoked!)

SMOKED AMERICANA (S-1)  A smoked burger for the purist with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & choice of  American, Swiss or cheddar 9.99

 SPICY SWEET & SMOKY  (S-2)  Spicy jalapeno bacon, sweet maple bbq & salami cheese 12.99

SMOKE FROM THE WEST (S-3)  Spicy house bbq, a stack of batter fried onions & cheddar 11.99

SMOKE BOMB (S-4)  Hickory smoked bacon, havarti , balsamic-garlic mushrooms, caramelized onions, smoky chipotle ketchup on a pretzel bun 12.99

SMOKED AMERICANA (S-1)  A smoked burger for the purist with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & choice of  American, Swiss or cheddar 9.99

 SPICY SWEET & SMOKY  (S-2)  Spicy jalapeno bacon, sweet maple bbq & salami cheese 12.99

SMOKE FROM THE WEST (S-3) Spicy house bbq, a stack of batter fried onions & cheddar 11.99

SMOKE BOMB (S-4)  Hickory smoked bacon, havarti , balsamic-garlic mushrooms, caramelized onions, smoky chipotle ketchup on a pretzel bun 12.99

 Volcano Burgers  (A cheese eruption from the inside!)

 AMERICAN UNCLE LUCY (V-1)  Cheesy American inside, double American outside 10.99

JUICY BLEU (V-2)  Velvety American cheese stuffed inside with blue cheese, balsamic-garlic crimini mushrooms & caramelized onions on top 11.99

STUFFED BACON-CHEDDAR (V-3)  Cheesy stuffed inside, topped with bacon & cheddar 12.99

THE MAYHEM (V-4)  Packed with American inside & topped with pepper jack, pickled jalapenos & a jerk style holy hot habanera sauce 12.99

Craft Burgers  (Chef crafted combinations)

HERB BUTTER CHEESE BURGER (CR-1) Basted in garlic herb butter & cooked on a bed of caramelized onions with havarti 10.99

 STEAKHOUSE BLUE (CR-2)  Blue cheese, balsamic-garlic braised mushrooms, caramelized onions, batter fried onions with a side of  steak sauce 12.99

 JACK DANIELS GLAZED (CR-3) With cheddar, batter fried onions & smoky chipotle ketchup 11.99

GRILLED 5 CHEESE TOWER (CR-4) Cheddar & tomato topped beef patty on herb butter garlic toast with our 4 cheese blend 11.99

LOOK OUT FAT BOY AHEAD! (CR-5) Double California smoky bacon cheeseburger with chipotle ranch sauce 14.99

 HOT PRETZELS & BEER (CR-6) Jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzel bites & beer cheese sauce on a fresh pretzel bun with sweet n spicy mustard 11.99

 MAPLE BEER BRAT (CR-7) House made sausage fused with cheddar & maple, with bock braised kraut, sweet n spicy mustard on a pretzel bun $12.99

 YU MAMI SHROOM CR-8 Balsamic-garlic crimini mushrooms, havarti & truffle mayo 12.99

 Twisted Burgers  (Oh my, What have we done?)

JALAPENO BACON & HAVARTI (T-1) Zesty jalapeno bacon, creamy havarti & chipotle ranch 11.99

GRILLED CHEESE BURGER (T-2) A cheeseburger between two grilled cheese sandwiches 12.99

SOME LIKE IT HOT (T-3) Pickled jalapenos & pepper jack, with house salsa & chipotle ranch sauce $10.99

 BBQ CHEDDAR FLYTRAP (T-4) Cheddar lovers get your burger enveloped in crisp chewy cheddar with more melted cheddar inside & maple BBQ  11.99

BOCK N ALE (T-5) Bock braised kraut with beer cheese on a pretzel bun 11.99

GO WEST (T-6) Spicy house bbq on a pile of batter fried onions with salami cheese 11.99

JALAPENO POPPER (T-7) Jalapeno mac n cheese poppers with a blackberry cream cheese 12.99

TWISTED BACON-CHEESE BURGER (T-8) Hickory bacon, salami cheese & spicy house bbq 11.99

TWISTED CALIFORNIA (T-9) Classic California with pepper bacon & bleu cheese sauce 10.99

LOADED BAKER (T-10) Cheddar, hash brown crunchy toppers, hickory bacon crumbles & chipotle ranch 11.99

BLUE BUFFALO (T-11) Smoky house buffalo sauce with blue cheese crumbles 9.99

TWISTED SHROOM N SWISS (T-12) Thick sliced breaded & fried Swiss with our portabella ale gravy 11.99

 Fusions Burgers -  (Fusion: The process of combining two or more distinct entities into A new whole.)

SAY CHEESE! (F-1) A five-cheese fusion with mozzarella, provolone & cheddar on the inside, American on top with a parmesan crusted bun 9.99

 PIZZA PARTY (F-2) A five-cheese blend, accented with pepperoni, marinara, shredded parmesan & Italian seasoning on a parmesan crusted bun 11.99

MN TOTS & BACON (F-3) Fresh ground beef fused with smoky bacon & cheddar, topped with Minnesconsin tots & Wyatt’s own bacon cheese 12.99

MAGICAL BLEU SHROOM (F-4) A five-cheese blend, with blue cheese, balsamic garlic braised mushrooms, roasted-garlic truffle mayo & scallions 12.99

BACON-N-CHEDDAR FOR YOUR PIE HOLE (F-5) Fresh ground beef fused with smoky bacon & cheddar, accented with more bacon & cheddar 13.99

THE WYATT (F-6) Fresh ground beef fused with smoky bacon & cheddar, accented with caramelized chipotle onion beer cheese & spicy house bbq 11.99

 RAIDER & WILDCAT  (F-7) Fused with a five-cheese blend, accented with blue & cheddar cheese, batter fried onions & spicy house bbq 11.99

 No Beef Burgers   (Specialty Proteins = Specialty Burgers!)

CALIFORNIA VEGGIE-N-CHEESE (N-1) House veggie burger, American, Swiss or pepper jack, greens, sun dried tomatoes & blue cheese sauce 10.99

CRAISIN TURKEY (N-2) House turkey burger, blueberry-pomegranate vinaigrette dressed field greens with craisins & a bit of mayo 10.99

 TURKEY BACON RANCH (N-3) House turkey burger with smoky bacon & zesty ranch 11.99

SALMON BURGER (N-4) Wyatt’s signature made salmon burger with field greens & fresh tomato with house tarter 14.99

GREAT PLAINS BISON (N-5) Lean ground bison Cajun seasoned with crisp lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, pickles & smoky chipotle ketchup 13.99

 CAJUN GATOR (N-6) You gotta try this! Fresh ground alligator, chipotle ranch sauce, fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce, red onion and pickles 15.99

ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK (N-7) Cheddar, batter fried onions, house smoky-spicy bbq sauce, field greens, fresh tomatoes, red onions & pickles 13.99

 Parmesan Crusted Melt Burgers   (Grilled cheese meets cheeseburger!) 

PORTABELLA ALE GRAVY MELT (M-1) Havarti with caramelized onions & our house made crimini mushroom-Summit ale gravy for dipping 11.99

 BREAKFAST MELT (M-2) A fried egg,  jalapeno bacon & havarti $12.99

PEANUT BUTTER BACON MELT (M-3) Creamy peanut butter & smoky hickory bacon with cheddar $12.99

PHILLY DIP MELT (M-4) Havarti with caramelized onions & green bell peppers served with a side of au-jus for dipping $11.99

 MAC N CHEESE BACON MELT (M-5) Cheddar, jalapeno bacon & our house made mac n cheese 12.99

TOMATO BACON MELT (M-6) Sea salted fresh tomatoes with thick slices of hickory bacon & melted cheddar $12.99


WINGS BONE IN or BONELESS  Dry rubbed - Maple brown sugar Q - Jack Daniels glaze - Sweet gold Q - Spicy house Q
Blackberry jalapeno - House buffalo - Hot habanera  - 
6 pack 6.99 - 12 pack 11.99

DEEP FRIED PICKLE SPEARS Crisp pickles wrapped with our specialty ham & Swiss served with house ranch or sweet-n-spicy mustard 8.99

STOUT MARINATED STEAK BITES Tender sirloin seared and caramelized with balsamic-garlic braised crimini mushrooms, with house horseradish 12.99

GATOR BITES Put a little south in your mouth. Seasoned deep fried gator with a side of cajun fries & chipotle ranch 11.99

 BACON WRAPPED SMOKIES Smokies wrapped with smoky bacon served with spicy house bbq & sweet-n-spicy mustard 9.99

 POUND BOWL OF DUSTED FRIES  Dust them how you like 5.99

BACON CHEEZE BURGER FRY BOWL Cheddar, Queso or Beer cheese sauced 9.99

MINNESCONSIN TOTS House made with MN wild rice & WI cheddar with twisted sauce 8.99

ELLSWORTH CURDS Wyatt’s house amber battered 8.99

SMOKED FROG LEGS Smoked, battered & fried served with our chipotle ranch & house buffalo dipping sauces 12.99

PEPPER JACK STUFFED PRETZELS With house sweet-n-spicy mustard 7.99

 CHEESY CHICKEN QUESADILLA Chicken, four cheeses, salsa & chipotle ranch 7.99

PILE OF BATTERED & FRIED ONIONS Golden brown battered onion chips with house twisted sauce 6.99

 MAC N CHEESE POPPERS Twisted macaroni, queso cheese & jalapenos  and blackberry cream cheese dipping sauce 9.99

INSIDE OUT NACHOS Deep fried nachos filled with a zesty beef & queso 9.99

SAUSAGE STUFFED SHROOMS Five cheese blend, spicy maple sausage stuffed crimini mushrooms 8.99

DOUBLE DIPPING  Jalapeno salted RW&B corn chips that are ok to double dip, fire roasted jalapeno salsa & cheesy queso dip 7.99


(All sandwiches are served with endless dusted fries, bbq chips or ranch slaw.)

GRILLED CHEESE Parmesan crusted outside, American & Swiss inside 7.99 
Add sweet ham, hickory bacon or jalapeno bacon 9.99

CHICKEN Smoky braised & pulled chicken, caramelized onions, pepper jack & sweet n spicy house mustard 10.99

 BLT Six thick slices of smoky bacon on a havarti grilled cheese with tomatoes, field greens & an herbed oil drizzle 11.99

 CLUB Parmesan crusted out side, havarti inside with jalapeno bacon, smoky braised chicken, fresh tomatoes & Caesar tossed greens 12.99

PHILLY Stout marinated sirloin, caramelized onions, balsamic garlic mushrooms, bell peppers with cheddar cheese sauce & Au jus 12.99

REUBEN Smoky pastrami, bock braised kraut, sweet-n-spicy mustard & house sauce grilled on caraway rye with havarti 10.99

PULLED PORK Smoky pulled pork tossed in sweet Carolina gold bbq, topped with ranch slaw 10.99

GATOR PO BOY Seasoned deep fried gator served with greens, roasted red peppers, red onion, pickles and a house made chipotle ranch 13.99


(Served in a garlic herb tortilla with choice of dressing - Eat like a salad - Eat like a wrap - do some of both!)

  CLASSIC BUFFALO CHICKEN Buffalo chicken, greens, tomato & onions with bleu dressing 10.99

TWISTED CRAISIN CHICKEN Smoky roasted chicken, craisins, vanilla almonds, greens, onions, tomatoes & blueberry-pomegranate vinaigrette 11 .99

TWISTED CHICKEN BACON RANCH Smoky roasted chicken, jalapeno bacon, field greens, red onions, tomatoes & house made ranch 11.99 

 TWISTED SMOKED SALMON Shredded parmesan, fresh greens, tomato, red onions, carrots & sweety drop peppers with basil pesto & Caesar 13.99 


(Served in a garlic herb tortilla with choice of dressing - Eat like a salad - Eat like a wrap - do some of both!)

 GARLIC CHICKEN Alfredo, smoky roasted chicken, sun dried tomatoes & our four cheese blend & basil pesto10.99

 SMOKED SALMON Basil pesto with our house honey smoked salmon, roasted red peppers with our four cheese blend 13.99 

DOUBLE PEPPERONI Signature red sauce, four cheeses with lots of pepperoni 9.99

NEW MEXICO PULLED PORK Creamy queso, smoky pulled pork, roasted red peppers, four cheese blend, a bit of cheddar & drizzled with spicy bbq 11.99


(Dinnerss are served with endless dusted fries, bbq chips or ranch slaw.)

PORTABELLA ALE GRAVY BURGER No bun here, a pound of seasoned & seared ground beef covered with our house made portabella ale gravy 14.99

 JACK GLAZED STEAK BITES 10 oz of seared sirloin tips glazed with our Jack Daniels sauce & lots of balsamic-garlic crimini mushrooms 14.99

MAC N SIX CHEESE A creamy cheddar blend over twisted corkscrew mac & sweet ham with a herb crumb topping & herb garlic toast 11.99

 MAC N CHICKEN A creamy alfredo with corkscrew mac & smoky roasted chicken with a herb crumb topping & herb garlic toast 12.99

FISH-N-CHIPS Beer battered with house tarter 12.99  -  All you can eat Fridays 14.99

CHICKEN-N-CHIPS Crispy & juicy, pick your favorite wing sauce for dipping 12.99  -  All you can eat Sundays 14.99

Smoked rib tips caramelized in maple bbq sauce, 13.99

CHICKEN & RIB TIP COMBO A classic combination hard to pass up 14.99


PORTABELLA ALE GRAVY BURGER No bun here, a pound of seasoned & seared ground beef covered with our house made portabella ale gravy 14.99

SALTED CARAMEL DEEP FRIED APPLE PIE Rolled in cinnamon sugar, drizzled with caramel on top of vanilla ice cream & candied almonds 4.99

WARM PEACH COBBLER Traditional vanilla ice cream on top - enough to share if you like 5.99

CHOCOLATE RAZZ FUNNEL FRIES Warm funnel cake fries drizzled with chocolate & raspberry Great for sharing! 4.99 

 TWISTED WARM DONUT HOLE BOWL Cinnamon sugared & chocolate drizzled 4.99