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(All sandwiches are served with endless dusted fries, bbq chips or ranch slaw.)

GRILLED CHEESE Parmesan crusted outside, American & Swiss inside 7.99 
Add sweet ham, hickory bacon or jalapeno bacon 9.99

CHICKEN Smoky braised & pulled chicken, caramelized onions, pepper jack & sweet n spicy house mustard 10.99

 BLT Six thick slices of smoky bacon on a havarti grilled cheese with tomatoes, field greens & an herbed oil drizzle 11.99

 CLUB Parmesan crusted out side, havarti inside with jalapeno bacon, smoky braised chicken, fresh tomatoes & Caesar tossed greens 12.99

PHILLY Stout marinated sirloin, caramelized onions, balsamic garlic mushrooms, bell peppers with cheddar cheese sauce & Au jus 12.99

REUBEN Smoky pastrami, bock braised kraut, sweet-n-spicy mustard & house sauce grilled on caraway rye with havarti 10.99

PULLED PORK Smoky pulled pork tossed in sweet Carolina gold bbq, topped with ranch slaw 10.99

GATOR PO BOY Seasoned deep fried gator served with greens, roasted red peppers, red onion, pickles and a house made chipotle ranch 13.99


(Served in a garlic herb tortilla with choice of dressing - Eat like a salad - Eat like a wrap - do some of both!)

  CLASSIC BUFFALO CHICKEN Buffalo chicken, greens, tomato & onions with bleu dressing 10.99

TWISTED CRAISIN CHICKEN Smoky roasted chicken, craisins, vanilla almonds, greens, onions, tomatoes & blueberry-pomegranate vinaigrette 11 .99

TWISTED CHICKEN BACON RANCH Smoky roasted chicken, jalapeno bacon, field greens, red onions, tomatoes & house made ranch 11.99 

 TWISTED SMOKED SALMON Shredded parmesan, fresh greens, tomato, red onions, carrots & sweety drop peppers with basil pesto & Caesar 13.99 


(Served in a garlic herb tortilla with choice of dressing - Eat like a salad - Eat like a wrap - do some of both!)

 GARLIC CHICKEN Alfredo, smoky roasted chicken, sun dried tomatoes & our four cheese blend & basil pesto10.99

 SMOKED SALMON Basil pesto with our house honey smoked salmon, roasted red peppers with our four cheese blend 13.99 

DOUBLE PEPPERONI Signature red sauce, four cheeses with lots of pepperoni 9.99

NEW MEXICO PULLED PORK Creamy queso, smoky pulled pork, roasted red peppers, four cheese blend, a bit of cheddar & drizzled with spicy bbq 11.99